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Maekok River Village Resort
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Maekok River Village Resort

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In the early 1990's, the Bearys and the Massinghams met...the latter being guests at the Maekok River Lodge in Thaton which Shane and Aed Beary had set up in the late 1980's, and who were very much pioneers in developing tourism in this beautiful and then, rarely visited part of Thailand. Bryan and Rosie Massingham were teachers in Hong Kong and would continue to bring student groups to study the geography of the area as well as to enjoy the various adventurous activities offered. At that time, although outdoor education was seen an important part of the curriculum of international schools, there really were no centres in S E Asia which resembled the centres which were common in the UK  such as the outward bound and field study council centres. With that in mind, we formed a partnership using our combined experience and skills with the intention of further developing facilities for tourists as well as a providing a centre for outdoor education for students.  Conveniently the owners of a large 'run-down' property also in Thaton agreed to lease this facility and after a few years of improving and extending,  the Maekok River Village Resort was opened in 2000. The following years saw a rapid increase in popularity as both a tourist destination and as a facility for outdoor education. The rise in popularity combined with the limited accommodation and options for further extension, led us, when the lease was coming up for renewal, to look for an alternative site. Again conveniently, a large area of riverside land just downstream from the 'old resort' was found to be for sale and it only took one look at the site to realise that this would make a perfect location. By then we had the experience under our belts to design a very attractive resort and a 'state of the art' outdoor education centre  and after just 15 months of (frenetic) construction, the 'new' Maekok River Village Resort  was opened in October 2008.  From the continued growth in resort guest numbers with most if not all the main tour operators having us on their books, plus the rapid growth of international schools students coming to stay at the outdoor centre to enjoy a range of experiences, it is apparent that the decision to build afresh was the correct one. 

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