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Best Practices & Safety

The RTA Best Practice & Service Standard database allows individual RTA Community Members to determine their level of compliance, according to their business operation and what they can afford to implement right now.

Department :     |    Practice Type :     |    Cost Factor :
Department : Sociocultural     |    Practice Type : Respect    |    Cost Factor : All

Within our business, historical and archeological artifacts are not sold, traded, or displayed, except as permitted by law.

Department : Awareness    |    Practice Type : Redesign    |    Cost Factor : All

We display the RTA logo and other RTA materials  on our business premises. 

Department : Pollution     |    Practice Type : Reduce    |    Cost Factor : All

We reduce our transport costs through better planning of vehicle use.

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22/8 Moo 4 Tumbol Nong Hoi Chiang Mai, Thailand
The distance is 0.00 Kilometer away from Chiang Mai city
Postal code: 50000

Tel: +66 (0) 53 334 938


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