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Fee per Hobby or Interest Enquiry serviced.

Details will be in the response provided to your enquiry via the bookings & communications log.
Pricing (in ฿THB)
$ 5 per person

Fee per RTA Business Partner Product or Service booked.

Covers a percentage of resources used costs as well as time allocated to making the booking. For accommodation this is a on- time fee regardless of the number of room nights or category of rooms booked.)
Pricing (in ฿THB)
$ 5 per person

Indoor Baht Builder

A half-day to a full-day event which emphasizes the development of soft skills through the medium of engaging team challenges (Amount of challenges determined by the number of participants). Teams are tasked with achieving the most amount of points they can within the limit, by completing the various challenges. Our challenge-by-choice creates incentives for planning, leadership, communication, and critical thinking within a team environment to be employed, in the name of outscoring your competition! Each challenge can be identified by its own ‘icon’ and are displayed in 3 horizontal rows on our challenge board. The challenges in each row share a common value of Thai Baht – 500.-, 1000.-, 1’500.- respectively
Pricing (in ฿THB)

The Chiang Mai City Challenge

The Chiang Mai City Challenge is a genuine team building programme that focuses on enhancing the communication, planning and collaborative teamwork abilities of groups. ‘The City Challenge’ serves as a platform for teams to undertake challenges showcasing the customs, culture and attractions of the host destination. Incorporating the unique assets of a destination into our teambuilding programme serves as an opportunity for our clients to enjoy the culturally distinctive assets of the destination while undertaking a fulfilling and special team building event. It improves on conventional multi-challenge programmes by implementing a challenge-by-choice scenario. Teams must choose which of the 25 challenges in the 12 locations they will undertake. Planning and communication will prove integral to activity success!
Pricing (in ฿THB)

The Old City Challenge

‘The Old City Challenge’ is an authentic teambuilding experience designed to develop the planning, communication, and teamwork skills of all participants. Part of what separates ‘The Old City Challenge’ from other teambuilding programmes is the application of an archaeological, culturally rich site as a backdrop to our activities. Combining a range of traditional games with classic team building challenges have proven to be a favorite for many of our clients! Similar to ‘The City Challenge’ this programme celebrates the many culturally distinctive assets of the destination while delivering a unique and rewarding team building event. ‘One of the differentiating factors between ‘The Old City Challenge’ and a traditional team building programme is the implementation of a challenge-by-choice scenario. Teams must choose which of the 25 challenges across 12 locations they will undertake! Planning, communication and teamwork will prove pivotal to the success of a successful team!
Pricing (in ฿THB)

The Outdoor Baht Builder

An outdoor version of the programme listed above, ‘The Baht Builder’ is a unique and popular team building challenge that has proven successful across all a wide range of demographics. It is designed to test the mental and physical abilities of each individual and encourage teams to plan, communicate and utilise each other’s strengths. The Baht Builder takes place in a large, open area where an assortment of over 20 entertaining team building activities have been organized.
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Transport options

Cost of transport option requested per day (on tourist route programmes.) Includes water & cooler. 1) 1-2 people in car or 4WD 2) 3-9 people in a minibus
Pricing (in ฿THB)
1) $ 80.- 100 per day plus fuel 2)$ 80.-100 per day plus fuel.

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